A European energy cooperation is important

These are Eviny’s views:

We reap considerable benefits from being part of the European power market, both in terms of our economy and our security of supply. Europe's energy system is currently changing rapidly as a result of climate policy and EU energy regulations are being developed at a rapid pace.

These changes will have an impact on Norway by changing the market for our energy industry and because many of the regulations will have implications for Norwegian legislation due to the EEA Agreement.

Norway has special interests to look after because we have an almost completely renewable energy system and because we have a surplus of renewable energy.

Every day we are testing new business solutions relating to electrification and preparing these solutions for the market. We initially test our solutions in Western Norway. We then develop them first on a national scale and then finally outside Norway’s borders.

The EEA Agreement is a decisive and important premise in this respect. If systems and regulatory frameworks become too different, we could easily end up in a situation where the solutions we develop cannot be scaled up or exported. A lot of our exports will be service exports and it is therefore important that this is included when drawing up framework conditions for exports.

Norwegian interests must be safeguarded by early involvement in the EU’s regulatory developments when our opportunity for influencing them is greatest.

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