Offshore wind power is creating new opportunities for Norway

Offshore wind power can create great opportunities for Norway. The development of a Norwegian offshore wind power industry will contribute towards restructuring and the creation of new jobs in industry.

Offshore wind power is more expensive than onshore power generation. The development of an interconnected European offshore power network will provide access to markets that will be willing to pay. This could help to ensure that Norway’s offshore wind power investments become profitable.

These are Eviny’s views:

  • Norwegian offshore wind power investments must be developed to ensure a unified, well-functioning Norwegian power system
  • All new production of renewable energy must be profitable without any subsidies. Support schemes must be directed towards technology developments.
  • Norway must participate in the European development of offshore wind power, in respect of both land allocation and network developments
  • The state must adopt a prominent role in the development of offshore power networks, in cooperation with our neighbouring countries
  • The network infrastructure for the electrification of petroleum installations must be developed with a view to ensuring that it could also contribute towards the development of offshore wind power
  • Area solutions on the Norwegian continental shelf with extraction made from strong points in the network produce the lightest load on the mainland grid and the greatest potential for further development

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