Rapid transition to a zero-emission society

Imposing a carbon emissions tax is the most effective way of reducing emissions. We will see major reductions in emissions when everyone is forced to consider the cost of emissions.

Phasing out fossil fuels and transitioning to zero-emission solutions requires the imposition of wide-ranging measures by the authorities. We need support in order to develop technology and schemes that will contribute towards the use of zero-emission solutions.

The public sector is a major buyer and must take the lead by calling for zero emissions. Policy instruments must provide support for the development and roll-out of solutions, and taxes and duties must favour zero-emission solutions.

These are Eviny’s views:

  • Norway’s carbon emissions tax must be increased to NOK 2,000 per tonne by 2030, in line with the decision adopted by the Storting when it debated Norway’s white paper on climate policy.
  • Public tenders must stipulate zero emission requirements
  • County municipalities must have their additional costs covered by demanding zero emissions in tenders
  • The authorities must maintain any benefits that contribute towards the rapid phasing in of zero-emission vehicles and vessels
  • The authorities must reduce the risks involved in establishing large-scale green hydrogen plants, e.g. by having "differential contracts".

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