Unified electrification strategy

Power grid and infrastructure are the main barriers to achieving success in a fully electric society. If we are to succeed in achieving our climate targets and create new jobs, we need to think innovatively. In the years ahead, we envisage substantial growth being created in our electricity requirements as transport and power-intensive industries call for more power. Norway needs to adopt a unified electrification strategy that will address production, consumption and networks in context.

These are Eviny’s views:

The authorities must pave the way for green industry

We need adequate capacity to ensure that we can rapidly process applications relating to the development of renewable energy, electrification projects and new green industry. Only then can we ensure that we will have the sort of predictability required by business and industry.

In our experience we do not have the capacity required for rapidly processing applications relating to the development of renewable energy, electrification projects and new green industry. This is a major barrier to success.

Statnett must play a more aggressive role

Statnett needs to have greater capacity and more extensive resources in order to ensure that they can lead the way when new, future-oriented industries need to expand their electricity requirements. Statnett needs to be able to make plans for new, increased industrial activities, based on renewable energy.

The NVE must have the capacity to implement faster administrative procedures

The NVE (Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate) must have frameworks that will ensure increased capacity and thus faster administrative procedures.

Better use of the expertise possessed by utility companies

Regional electricity companies with documented expertise and experience must be able to relieve Statnett in the planning and construction of infrastructure projects. This would speed things up and make Statnett’s work easier.

Adopt new technology

Strategies must take into account the fact that new technology needs to be developed and adopted, something which could help to ensure better use of the network and keep costs down. Energy management apps, batteries, digitalisation and the use of artificial intelligence are examples of technology that will help.

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