Fast EV charging

Of course it should be quick and easy to charge your electric car. Our charging stations have many chargers, which means shorter waiting time for you.

Pay for charging in the Bilkraft app or with Vipps.

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Need some help with charging?

Check out our FAQs about charging, the Bilkraft app and more.

Is the charging cable stuck in the charging port? We've gathered information about many cars on how to get loose.

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Find charging station

We build charging stations with many charging points for all cars. You can find our charging stations all over Norway and some in Sweden. Use this map or the map in the Bilkraft app to locate your next stop!


Eviny charging stations in Norway:

  • Fast charging: NOK 5,49 kr/kWh + 1 kr/min after the battery reaches 80%.
  • Standard charging: NOK 4,49 kr/kWh

Remember, you can always see the current price for each of our charging stations in the Bilkraft app.

Going on a roadtrip?

Read our 10 tips to make your next EV roadtrip even better!

10 tips for EV charging

Charging for business customers

As a business customer, charging service vehicles is easier than ever before. Control all accesses yourself. Instant payments means no invoice or hassle with reimbursments. Log in to Bilkraft online to manage your business profile.

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