Annual reports and interim reports

We must work together to ensure a more sustainable society. We need to be open and show that sustainable solutions are the only solutions. Our annual and interim reports show how we work with sustainability. Because that work is the most important work that we do.

Key figures for 2023

  • Gross operating income: NOK 11,8 billion
  • Consolidated profit/loss: NOK 3 760 million
  • Dividends for 2022: NOK 1 307 million
  • Equity: NOK 13,6 billion
  • Balance sheet: NOK 37,9 billion

Annual and interim reports

Please note, all reports and interim reports are in Norwegian

Fiscal calendar for 2024

  • Interim report, 4th quarter 2023: February 16th
  • Annual report 2023: April 24th
  • Interim report, 1st quarter 2024: May 15th
  • Annual General Meeting: May 21th
  • Interim report, 2nd quarter 2024: August 30th
  • Interim report, 3rd quarter 2024: November 8th

The Board's Audit Committee

The Board of Directors of Eviny AS has an Audit Committee that was established in 2008.

This Committee consists of three board members, elected by the board. One of the members shall also be an employees’ representative. The Board appoints the Chair of the Committee who sits for a period of two years. The Audit Committee meets at least 5 times a year.

The Audit Committee's purpose, tasks and functions accord with the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance. Its work includes reviewing drafts of the quarterly and annual accounts before these are presented and approved by the board. When auditing the accounts, the Committee discusses them with the management and internal and external auditors.

One of the Audit Committee's jobs involves ensuring that the Group has independent, efficient internal and external audits. The Committee meets at least once a year with the auditor without anyone from the management being present.

Corporate governance

Eviny’s comprehensive management system is based on The Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance. (åpnes i nytt vindu)

These recommendations are followed as far as they apply to the company's ownership and organisation. By exercising good corporate governance, Eviny shall build confidence, improve relations and lay the foundations for ethical and sustainable business conduct.

Any differences from the NUES Code of Practice are mainly related to the fact that the company is not listed on the Stock Exchange and to the official regulations which govern our activities. 

Our by-laws

Download Eviny's by-laws in Norwegian(pdf, 32,5 kB) (fil lastes ned)