About us

We are one of Norway's biggest renewable energy and technology companies. We make solutions for sustainable production and distribution of green energy. We work to make it possible to make use of clean, renewable energy everywhere.

We combine climate responsibility with business.

Who are we?

We are the 1500 people who work with us and, maybe even more importantly, our 500.000 customers. We're also all the local communities where Eviny has provided jobs and infrastructure through generations.

What does Eviny do?

We take the energy from hydro power and other renewable sources and build tomorrow's infrastructure for electricity, internet and digital communication, solar and wind power, district heating and EV charging.

We also work for electrification through emission free building sites, ocean farming and ports for ships and boats. We supply festivals and others with batteries for events.

In addition to our main activities, we also sell advising, consultancy and contractor services.

Hydro power is the foundation for all that we do

Hydro power is forever. The eternal, pure power. Entirely renewable. For a hundred years it has been our foundation. We are ready for a hundred more years – at least

  1. Renewable energy

  2. Makes for sustainable solutions

  3. To reduce harmful emissions

How we're working on sustainability

Working towards a future with no harmful emissions, is a joined effort. We all need to work together to reach our common goals.

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