About us

We are one of Norway's biggest renewable energy and technology companies. We make solutions for sustainable production and distribution of green energy. We work to make it possible to make use of clean, renewable energy everywhere.

We combine climate responsibility with business.

Key information about Eviny

Renewable energy creates vibrant local communities

For 100 years, we have created value and built expertise and jobs in Norway. Our mission is still to meet society's energy needs.

We produce renewable energy from 39 hydropower plants and 2 wind power plants. Over 500,000 Norwegians use our charging stations for electric cars. We deliver internet and district heating networks, build shore power for ships, and electrify aquaculture and the transport industry.

We also deliver solutions that make construction sites emission-free, and build one of the world's first networks for rapid charging of electric boats. Our contractor company designs, builds and operates fiber networks and low- and high-voltage systems.

BKK transports electricity to 450,000 homes in 19 municipalities.

We have 1,300 employees and are owned by 17 municipalities in Western Norway, together with Statkraft and two local power and electricity companies.

Hydro power is the foundation for all that we do

Hydro power is forever. The eternal, pure power. Entirely renewable. For a hundred years it has been our foundation. We are ready for a hundred more years – at least

  1. Renewable energy

  2. Makes for sustainable solutions

  3. To reduce harmful emissions