Management, board of directors and owners

Eviny is structured as a group with Eviny AS the parent company.

Corporate Management team

Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik, CEO

Ragnhild Janbu Fresvik (b. 1980) joined Eviny in 2023. She is a civil economist from the Norwegian School of Economics. She has previously been investment director at Grieg Gruppen, general manager at Grieg Mauritas, executive director for the corporate market at Sparebanken Vest. In addition, she has experience from i.a. Boston Consulting Group, Software Innovation.

Øystein Fossen Thorud, CFO (Executive director of economics & finance)

Øystein Fossen Thorud (b. 1984) joined Eviny in 2023. He comes from a position as director at PwC. He has extensive experience from strategy consulting, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) and financial analysis within the energy sector. He has been a central part of PwC's energy investment, and has several years behind him as an analyst and strategy advisor at Norsk Hydro.

Ingrid von Streng Velken, Executive Vice President Electrification and Technology

Ingrid von Streng Velken (born 1982), joined Eviny in 2013. She holds a Master's degree in industrial economics from the NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), specialising in energy and the environment. She has previously worked at The Boston Consulting Group as a project manager and “global manager” for sustainability.

Sonja Chirico Indrebø, Executive Vice President, Renewables

Sonja Chirico Indrebø (b. 1969) joined Eviny in 2024. She has over 20 years' experience from Equinor, where she has, among other things, been head of the company's investment in floating offshore wind, responsible for strategy & innovation for the renewable area as well as group manager for IT. Sonja has also led the offshore wind company Corio Generation's international investment in floating offshore wind. She has a degree in electrical engineering.

Arne Andreas Riisnes, Executive Vice President New Energy and Industrial Partnerships

Arne Andreas Riisnes (b. 1982) joined BKK AS in 2008 as a group trainee. He knows the entire group well through many different roles during his time at BKK and Eviny. Among other things, he has led several major energy projects, worked with business development as well as the purchase, sale and merger of various businesses. Arne Andreas Riisnes has a master's degree in social geography from the University of Bergen.

Johannes Namstad Dobson, Executive Vice President Staff

Johannes Namstad Dobson (b. 1985) joined Eviny in 2023. He comes from the position as the Director of public relations at Kongsberg Gruppen ASA, and has previous experience from Elkem ASA, Sparebanken Vest and Dinamo Kommunikasjon. He has extensive experience in strategy, communication, public relations and preparedness. He has studied communication management at BI School of Economics and the Business School in Aarhus, as well as having command training from the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Kristin Aadland, Executive Vice President, BKK

Kristin Aadland (b. 1973) started in Eviny in 2013, and takes over as executive director of BKK on 30 June. Arild Fleten is acting until she takes office. Aadland holds a degree in business administration from the NHH Norwegian School of Economics, an Executive Master's degree in restructuring, innovation and change management from the from NHH and a Master’s degree in management in leadership from the BI Norwegian School of Business. Ms. Adland has previously worked with strategy and governance at DNB and as the CFO of Inwido Norway.

The Board of Directors

The board of Eviny AS consists of twelve members, four of whom are from Statkraft, three from municipal owners, one from the Vestland County Council and four who are employees’ representatives.

Chairman Jan Erik Kjerpeseth, the Municipality of Bergen
Deputy Chairman Henrik Sætness, Statkraft
Lars Hellandsjø, rural municipalities
Anne Gine Hestetun, Vestland County Council
Hege Økland, the Municipality of Bergen
Dag Smedbold, Statkraft
Kristin Steenfeldt-Foss, Statkraft
Asbjørn Grundt, Statkraft
Arvid Andenæs, the municipalities of Sunnfjord and Ytre Sogn (observer)
Therese Brekke Lekven, employees’ representative
Usman Imtiaz, employees’ representative
Malin Amundsen, employees’ representative
Knut Erik Nielsen, employees’ representative

Our owners

Statkraft43,44 %
The Municipality of Bergen37,75 %
The Municipality of Alver3,45 %
The Municipality of Øygarden3,43 %
The Municipality of Askøy2,48 %
The Municipality of Sunnfjord2,27 %
Tysnes Kraftlag AS1,70 %
The Municipality of Kvinnherad0,91 %
The Municipality of Kvam0,90 %
The Municipality of Voss0,67 %
The Municipality of Fjaler0,61 %
The Municipality of Austrheim 0,43 %
The Municipality of Hyllestad 0,38 %
The Municipality of Vaksdal0,37 %
Etne Elektrisitetslag AS0,35 %
The Municipality of Gulen0,27 %
The Municipality of Solund0,24 %
The Municipality of Fedje0,12 %
The Municipality of Høyanger0,12 %
The Municipality of Masfjorden0,10 %

Statkraft – 43.44%
The Municipality of Bergen – 37.75%
The Municipality of Alver – 3.45%
The Municipality of Øygarden – 3.43%
The Municipality of Askøy – 2.48%
The Municipality of Sunnfjord – 2.27%
Tysnes Kraftlag AS – 1.70%
The Municipality of Kvinnherad – 0.91%
The Municipality of Kvam – 0.90%
The Municipality of Voss – 0.67%
The Municipality of Fjaler – 0.61%
The Municipality of Austrheim – 0.43%
The Municipality of Hyllestad – 0.38%
The Municipality of Vaksdal – 0.37%
Etne Elektrisitetslag AS – 0.35%
The Municipality of Gulen – 0.27%
The Municipality of Solund – 0.24%
The Municipality of Fedje – 0.12%
The Municipality of Høyanger – 0.12%
The Municipality of Masfjorden – 0.10%