We combine climate responsibility with running a profitable business

For more than 100 years we have been producing clean renewable energy from Norway’s West Country rain, and now we are electrifying Norway. We are creating the new solutions required by zero-emission communities. Being optimistic about the future, we believe that we can succeed.

We are the largest company providing ultra-fast chargers for electric cars. We are developing onshore power for ships and electrifying aquaculture and the transport industry.

We are working to create emission-free construction sites. We are developing IoT networks, fibre networks, district heating networks, solar installations, bioenergy plants and one of the world's first rapid charging networks for electric boats.

The BKK utility company conveys power to the homes of 450,000 people living in Western Norway and is part of the Eviny Group.

Eviny is one of Norway's largest energy and technology companies – and we're owned by the people.

When we create results for ourselves, our owners and our customers, we also create results for the climate, society and each and every one of us.

Read our annual and interim reports for more insight into how we are working with sustainability.